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Paintings on commission

You can probably tell me tons of stories.
You will probably tell me about moments you want to treasure and remember.

Let me paint such a moment and give you something you can hold, see and keep forever.

It is the most special gift I’ve ever received. So personal.
— Thamara
I’ve never been so touched before by a piece of art.
— Maria
I took an instant liking to it. It will be lovely to have a permanent reminder in our house.
I was touched the moment I saw the painting.
— Marinel
We could only love and care for them for a short while. But they will always be with us; we won’t forget.
— Nanda
I just wanted to let you know how delighted I was to receive the Paschendale painting for christmas. I am looking forward to enjoying the painting for years to come.
I have quite a lot of paintings in my house and my eye is drawn to your painting very often, and more often than to others. I really like it.
The painting becomes more and more beautiful every time I look at it.
I just keep looking at it...