landscapes of life

“Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge, but with having a sense of wonder.” 


Hi, I’m Lydia,

Artist, teacher & creator of the landscapes of life method. 

You journal, you meditatie, you’ve followed yoga classes, but yet you don’t SEE anything really shifting. You felt it, now and then, sure, but since the progress is so hard to track… You’re simple not ‘there’ yet.

I help people who are looking for ‘that thing’. That thing they know is inside them, but which they don’t know how to acces. That thing that makes inspiration and flow come with ease. That thing that ignites authentic creativity, joy and happiness.

As an artist I know the power of creation, how it can help you to cross that bridge between your subconsciousness and consciousness. How it connects you with your inner self, your source of inspiration and ultimately back with the world around you.

Together I’ll help you on establishing a self-enforcing creative habit. By giving you tools and challenges to see differently, visualise your creativity and learn to recognise and purposely find your source of inspiration. 

When I’m connected with life, I am inspired.
When I am inspired, I am connected with myself.
When I am connected with myself, I create.
When I create, I am connected with life.
— Lydia Jansen

The landscapes of life method

Connection, inspiration and creation are constantly interchanging and enforcing one another. Together they form an ongoing loop, sometimes they alternate one by one, other times they seem to come all together at once.

But one thing is clear; once you know how these three work together you can at any given time step into this circle and find the connection, inspiration or creation you are looking for.


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It is only when we are no longer fearful that we begin to create.
— J. M. W. Turner
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