biz scapes

International online connecting event


get inspired, be inspiring

Connect with yourself. Connect with others. Dive deep together.

Through live-calls, videochat, webinars, creative assignments, thought-provoking questions and above all one-on-one moments with each other.

We will join together in a facebook group where we will start with some ice-breaking games. Followed by some deeper get to know each other by videochats with assignments on zoom in groups of 3 to 4 people.

In between there are webinars with interesting theories, explanations and Q & A, followed by creative assignments, always discussed and reflected on in small personal groups.

The last deep-dive will be about sharing a problem you are struggling with at the moment. Personal or business related. Here we will give each other genuine help, love and encouragement. We will share our wisdom with each other.

This will be spread out in several mornings/afternoons/evenings depending on where you live.

The event is still in the setting-up phase. Exact program, guest-teachers and dates are still to be determined! So there’s plenty of space to add your five cents about what you would love to see!

Fill out your availability and preferences below and I’ll keep you updated!