How to start coloring?


Ready to give it a go?

There you are: you've printed the coloring, organised your pencils, poured a nice cup of tea, put on your favorite music and told your kids they are NOT allowed to disturb you for AT LEAST ONE WHOLE hour.
(Unless the house is on fire, but only, ONLY then they can disturb you…)

But now what?!

Where are the clearly defined lines?!
What should I color?!
HOW should I color?!

Don’t despair, here are some small steps and tips to get you going:


Step 1

Start with the shadows. Grab a darker color, preferably a brown or blue (for mountains you could opt for purple). In the colorings I’ve given suggestions for shadows, start there. Don’t color to dark yet, you can always make it darker; not lighter!

Step 2

Start making some distinction in the shadows including midtones. How to create shadows that stay vibrant? NEVER use black! Always try to make a blend of colors. To create a ‘black’ you can blend a dark brown and dark blue. 


Step 3

Add some colors. Don’t know which ones to choose? Choose only 2 or 3 other colors and make it more interesting by blending the different options. In this example I only used a total of 6 colors in all kinds of combinations:

  • Brown and blue for the darkest shadows;
  • Brown & green for the shadows of the bushes; 
  • Brown and blue for the lighter shadows of the white cliffs; 
  • Light warm brown for the midtones of the tree;
  • Blue & grey (and some touches of green) for the sea;
  • Blue & grey for the sky;
  • Warm yellow and brown for the ‘highlights’ in the shadows of the rocky beach and the highlights of the tree;
  • Warm yellow for some detailing on the rocks;
  • Warm yellow, sometimes blended with green for the highlights on the bushes.


Never, ever, ever stop or don’t start because you’re afraid of messing up! (Even spilled coffee might turn out to be an interesting touch… Seriously, it can.) 
The moment you are putting a pencil on your paper you are doing something good. Even if you don’t want to frame your work in the end: you’ve been creating. And that in itself is good already.
(And remember! You can always print my colorings a second time! Yay for digital files!)

Good luck! I'm mighty curious what BEAUTIFUL creations you will make!