Don't let the memories Fade


Grasping that fleeting moment on wood

You can probably tell me tons of stories about your horse and why she is the best. 
You will probably tell me about moments you want to treasure and remember.

Let me paint such a moment and give you something you can hold, see and keep forever.


What do you get?

  • Personal contact and advice about the main photos you'd like as reference;
  • Constant updates about the work in progress; 
  • A digital sketch you can use as you like;
  • Free shipping in the EU;
  • And of course the painting from your horse on birch plywood, ready to hang on your wall.

How does it work?

Step 1

First we start off by telling stories and showing photos: who is your horse and what is your story together? Then we decide together what photo I'm going to use as the main reference.

Don't be afraid of bad quality pictures taken with your phone. Most of the time I can piece together enough information to work with.

slapendefjord_hoofd (1 of 1).jpg

Step 2

This might be one of the most exciting and important steps: I start sketching on my iPad Pro. 
The sketching will be reviewed by you; did I portrait your horse truly like she is to you?

When you approve, the digital sketch will be printed on the plywood.

I use this special combination of modern and old techniques because it gives me a chance of combining two of my most powerful skills: Small confident sketches on a smooth surface and big paintings on rougher surfaces.
Extra bonus? You get the digital sketch as well. Which you can choose to use as you like. Print it on a coffee mug for example, or your phone case, or...

Step 3

I start painting. It get's shipped and you can display it right away on your wall.


What it meant to other people

I’ve never been so touched before by a piece of art.
— Maria - NL
It is the most special gift I’ve ever received. So personal.
— Thamara - NL
We could only love and care for them for a short while. But they will always be with us; we won’t forget.
— Nanda - NL