Powerful Stillness

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Latest works

"In the end it's not the drama I'm seeking, but the stillness that follows."

Lydia, age 27, is a Dutch artist who thoroughly fell in love with Norway, her inhabitants and her awe-inspiring nature. The past year she’s been travelling full-time, so instead of the giant paintings she used to make, she started experimenting with smaller sizes and the effects of oil-paints on paper. This made way for surprising new techniques and beautiful results.

The core of her work is about the balance of drama and stillness, which she so strongly experiences in Norway’s nature. She expresses this with landscape paintings. Some are figurative, others almost completely abstract. Sometimes she starts with reference photos, others are coming from deep emotions and often depict strong colours and a dramatic use of paints.

The horses on wood were a project from 2017. After living close to a herd of 20 horses she realised that these beautiful creatures are the perfect embodiment of power and gentleness combined - or - as she calls it: powerful stillness.


Capturing your moment


Custom paintings

Remember that vacation in Tuscany? The sun streaming over the hills, the silence while enjoying your morning cappuccino, the subtle scent of the bricks warming up.

Or what about that once in a lifetime trip to lapland? The cold pricking in your nose, the spectacle of northern lights above you, the huskies whining in the background.


Or do you remember that day in the spring, in the park on the other side of the road? The song of the birds, the gentle breeze, the flowers just starting to bloom.


What if I could turn this memory for you in a beautiful painting?

It is the most special gift I’ve ever received. So personal.
— Thamara
I’ve never been so touched before by a piece of art.
— Maria
I took an instant liking to it. It will be lovely to have a permanent reminder in our house.
I was touched the moment I saw the painting.
— Marinel
We could only love and care for them for a short while. But they will always be with us; we won’t forget.
— Nanda
I just wanted to let you know how delighted I was to receive the Paschendale painting for christmas. I am looking forward to enjoying the painting for years to come.
I have quite a lot of paintings in my house and my eye is drawn to your painting very often, and more often than to others. I really like it.
The painting becomes more and more beautiful every time I look at it.
I just keep looking at it...