40x60cm | Oils on birch plywood

They just met for the first time. They would go on a trail ride together. A bit of nervousness and excitiment mixed together.


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I’ve always been attracted to horses. Their epicness in history, their warmth, their companionship… Although there have been periods in my life I hardly had any contact with them, everytime I come close to a horse I feel something ignite inside of me again.

During 2016/2017 I lived very close with a herd of 20 horses. With these horses I experienced Natural Horsemanship for the first time. They made me realise the horse is more than the noble steed. In all their power and strength they are soft, warm and caring. 

In this period I was not painting, I was lost and searching for who I am and what I should do. The horses and the pencil gave me something back. I started to draw the horses on my Ipad and in the end I turned these drawings in paintings.

The horse paintings are very different in technique compared with the landscapes. Yet they are as much part of me and my quest as any other thing I create.

IMG_0097 2.jpg


I start with a drawing of the horse on my Ipad. I’ve always been a doodler, a sketcher. Give me a pencil and some paper and within moments I just have to doodle something. In highschool my teachers started to look forward to my tests, just to see what illustrations I would come up with. (One teacher took it on her to always colour them a bit before handing the tests back!)


But I never knew what to do with these sketches, I prefer a small and smooth surface to draw on. Surfaces unsuitable to paint on. My Ipad turned out to be just the surface I love drawing on, and the best part? The drawing can be printed as big and on any surface I want. Finally giving me the opportunity to combine the power of pencil and brush.

The digital drawings are printed on birch plywood and painted with water soluble oils. This means I don’t have to use any turpentine, better for my health and the environment.

Would you prefer a painting like this from your own horse or pet?