Oils on paper | 21 x 30 cm

This is the first of the Inner Landscapes.

When walking in the forest suddenly there snapped something inside of me: “What am I doing? Who am I? What do I want? What should I do? I don’t know! I don’t know! Who am I?! I simply don’t know!” I shouted to the trees while stomping around in the snow.

Back home Jan pushed my brushes in my hand and put a fresh sheet of paper in front of me: “You don’t know? Then just paint it, paint what you feel right now, maybe that way you can tell yourself who you are.”

This is who I am, deep down. I didn't dare to look at it before, afraid of what I would find. Yet... I now think it is actually quite beautiful.

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Inner landscapes

My Inner landscapes are my way of showing things I find hard to tell in words. They are about things I want to share, but I don’t know how to say. Sometimes I don’t even know myself what I’m trying to say. I just let my paint and my hands tell you my story.

They can be triggered by meditations, by strong emotions or other inner storms. They can be sad, they can be angry, they can be beautiful.

Everything I can share is in the paintings. What do they share with you?


The paintings are painted with water soluble oils from Cobra, Talens. This means I don’t have to use any turpentine to thin the paint or clean my brushes. Better for my health, better for the environment. The paper I’m working on is thick paper actually made for watercolours.

The combination of the water soluble oils and the watercolour paper means I can combine the two very different techniques of a watercolour and an oilpainting. I love the experimental flowing part of a watercolour and the roughness and boldness of oils.

So that’s me I suppose! I can never just work according the set ‘rules’. I have to experiment, combine and find my own route.


A Nomadic Artist

The paintings are small because I’m full-time travelling. This means my artstudio consists of a little tiny practical box. Big canvases don’t fit in the car I’m afraid. 
Although, I guess, I’m officially a ‘big’ painter. I love bold strokes, throwing my whole body, my whole self in it. Nevertheless these little paintings force me to learn something new again and give me the opportunity to work faster and create more. Which is actually quite useful because travelling just keeps giving me inspiration after inspiration!

If you would like a big(ger) painting from me you can order one custom made. I can still paint big, I just can’t store and bring along any originals! Just fill out this little form below and I'll send you some more information!