lifescapes immersion

A search for that original spark of inspiration, flow, creativity & connection that you have

- 6 week online traject -

Whatever talents I possess, I could use them to celebrate life
— Ciji Ware

As a child you never worried about what to do next, you simply did it. But when you grow up you seem to forget that playful, curious and creative spark that is truthfully and originally who you are.

These 6 weeks you will meet other people searching for the same things. Together we will dive in our subconsciousnesses and try to communicate with that deep inner you through eye-opening and creative assignments.

To connect again with that beautiful, complex inner landscape of yourself. To find and start a daily creative practice and to connect with like-minded people all over the world.

As an artist I know the power of inspiration and flow. How difficult it sometimes is to find it, but how energising when found. I also know how much you can learn from simply looking back on what you’ve made. Your hands and your creations are powerful teachers.

As a cherry on top you can end the online traject with a retreat in Norway to meet your fellow explorers in real life and dive in nature together!

Read more about the retreat here

When I look at my painting, I feel a deep inner joy. The light and power radiating from it are guiding me on my path of personal growth and life.
— Kristin

WHAT ARE lifescapes? 

Do you know how difficult it sometimes is to describe something you felt, experienced? When you try to talk to people about a profound experience or something else that’s not casually discussed?

It’s because your subconscious, where all these things take place, doesn’t understand language. At least, not the language we speak to each other on a daily basis. Yet if we know how to bypass this communication problem we will find a wealth of information and wisdom.

That’s why humans make art for as long as we know. Through art we suddenly are able to communicate without common language. This means a new and deeper way of communicating with others, but also with ourselves.

During this 6-week immersion you will search for a new way of expressing yourself. I like to refer to (land)scapes, because nature has this special ability to help your creativity bloom. But don’t be surprised if your final drawings and paintings don’t look anywhere near a traditional landscape!

Together we will explore what you make and you can learn from this deep wise subconsciousness that’s inside you and establish a practice that will give you the ability to keep on creating, connecting and learning.


Ready to unleash your inner creativity?



Part 1 - Connect with nature

week 1 - What do I actually see?

I will challenge you to stop seeing in ‘words’. As the artist Conrad Jon Godly said: “To see is not to speak”. You will work on a landscape drawing or painting, but in a complete different way then you might have done on your own.

week 2 - Sharing without language

The ‘blindfold’ assignment! You will get a partner, but you won’t know who when you start! Describe what you see and listen to descriptions without the use of common language… How will you draw that?

week 3 - What else do you see?

What do you see in your peripheral vision? How would you put that experience on paper?

Part 2 - Connect with yourself

week 4 - Ice-breaking questions with your subconscious

Together with a partner you will start a conversation based on life-art questions. You will use this conversation as a starting point for making your first inner landscape.

week 5 - listen, learn, reflect & react

What have you made the last couple of weeks? Lay everything in front of you and we will look together for commonalities, differences or other things that make your works uniquely you; where is your subconscious showing herself?

Part 3 - Connect with others

Week 6 - Your gift

Use everything you’ve learned to make another inner landscape; how is it different from your first one? You will also receive a little gift in your physical mailbox and make a gift for someone else in return!


19-06-2019 - 24-05-2019
Retreat in Norway

Come and meet me and other beautiful people like you in the tranquil forests of Norway. Together we will dive into nature to get inspired and work on our own landscapes of life.
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Part 4 - Integration

2 months later

After two months we will come together in a call again to talk about your practice since the immersion. How is it going? Do you struggle with some things? Ask, connect & share. 


What can you expect?

  • A call with me and the group every week for about an hour. Here we will discuss last week and I will explain the assignment for the coming week.

  • You will get acces to a platform where you can connect, share, discuss & ask questions with me and the group;

  • One assignment every week. Some you will do with a partner in which case you will plan calls together throughout the week together.

  • You decide how long you spend on the assignments. Even a 5-minute sketch during a very busy week can be enough. Although, like with everything, the more time you immerse, the deeper the experience. With the partner assignments you will spend an additional 1 hour in calls in the week.

  • You can do the assignments with any art-material of your choosing, even if you want to work in 3D or film or in a poem or… Only the first assignment is best to do in 2D. However I can give recommendations of materials to use or maybe even to buy if you are interested;

  • The assignments are not about technique, although your technique will deepen because of this practice. Wether you have never hold a crayon in your hands or know a thing or two about creating already: the assignments can be done at any level;

  • You will connect, really connect, with people from all over the world.

  • You will get a solid knowledge of who you are as a creator and have a creative practice of your own.

  • You will see the world with new eyes and who knows what you will see and discover then!


Welcome to your inner landscapes 





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End your immersion with an amazing retreat in the Black Forest and get:

  • a €180,- discount

  • a copy of the book ‘Living as God, nothing is simpler’ from Zoë Joncheere.

  • a FREE one-on-one call with me during the immersion!

Read more about the retreat here.


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I would love to join, but I’m not (always) free for the livecalls on Friday evenings.

The exact moments of the livecalls will be decided on during the course. Every week you can fill in when you can and can’t. The exact moment will be choosen on a time most people have time. The calls will always be recorded, so even if you are not there, you will still be able to participate. And don’t forget the online platform! Here you can share your struggles, questions, yay-moments and get responses from me and the group any time!

I would love to come to the retreat too, but my calendar is sadly not allowing me.

This will be the first of many retreats to come! When you’ve entered the online course you can always join in with another retreat in the future (and get the extra benefits of doing the online ánd the retreat!)

I have no experience in drawing or painting…

The programme is focused towards finding inspiration and your deeper self, you can get there with any level of technique. Besides I’m confident that with the right nudges from me you will end up with making artworks you’ll love!

I have no art materials.

I do recommend buying some sort of art materials. Even if it is a set of colouring pencils. Before the programme starts I’ll send you a mail with ideas and buying options for materials.


More questions?

I’d love to get in touch and have a chat with you!