Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge,
but with having a sense of wonder.

My head can be so full sometimes, like it’s filled up with all the sand of the sahara. As a teenager and student I simply thought this was who I was. Chaotic and not really good in connecting.

When my head is full there seems to be some sort of gap between what I think is me (my mind) and my body. 

During the time I worked at the high school I received a lot of input daily. On average I saw about 125 different students each day, resulting in almost 400 students a week. When I came home I always turned into some sort of speaking-waterfall, just talking and talking and talking. When I look back, I realise I always kept on speaking to my partner, Jan, because I desperately wanted to connect with him. But even if he tried (because at some point he would stop trying, no wonder) it was impossible for him to get connected. 

Because I wasn’t.

I wasn’t connected with myself and was completely unable to connect with anything or anyone else.

Luckily for me, Jan is a good observator and gently started to point out what was going on. All I had to do to get connected with him was to first get connected with myself.

That’s easier said than done if you have a head full of swarming flies.

I’ve learned that the way to connect with my body is to deliberately start to use the tools of my body: hearing, touch, smell, taste and of course vision. By sitting still and concentrate on everything I’m able to sense it is impossible NOT to get connected with myself again.

And when I am connected with myself, I can truly connect with others.

It turned out that when I start to deliberately sense the world it is impossible not to revel in the wondrous enormity of what I am able to sense. How amazingly beautiful the world is and how blessed I am to be living.

So not only can I connect, what I was initially seeking, but I get a free boost of zest for life as well! 

That’s why I have recorded these five meditations: one meditation for each sense. First it can be helpful to have a recording tell you a bit about what you have to do. But when you start to get the hang of it you will be able to stop and sense, using your favourite sense first and later more and more at the same time, whenever you want or need it.