Show your art

Tips and things to think about for your art website


 Free mini-course

As an artist and a graphic designer, I obviously designed my own website for my art. But it took some trial and error to get it right!

I looked online to find best practices and to be honest.. I hardly found any. Most art websites are not showing of the art at its best and other web designers never talk about something created for art specifically.

But I learned that visual, analogue, 2D art requires a different approach then most other web designs! Art simply isn't the same as a 'normal' product or service, and even photographers have other needs then painters or drawers.

I now have a fairly clear idea what is important to think about when you want to have a website for your art. So that's why I figured I should share this with you. I'm now creating a free document with all the tips and things you should think about when creating a website.

So far I have the following subjects outlined:

  • Show your art: photo’s vs. original

  • Show your art: what to write

  • Show your art: what to show?

  • Show your art: how design can help.

  • What to look out for when you decide to work with a designer.