Your own inner landscape

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outsides, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.
— Carl Jung

You are an amazing human being. You can hear, feel, taste, smell and see so many things! By simply connecting with your surroundings you will connect on a deeper level with yourself.

And what you will see there is always the same: Beauty. Although you might not always find it that easy.

There are moments I feel bad about myself: I’m not doing enough, what I do is useless, nobody wants to see me, nobody needs me… etc.

In those moments I can be convinced I am ugly inside. I mean, who am I anyway?

Once in a snow covered Swedish forest I was deep down this rabbit hole. At some point I let myself slump down in the snow and felt utterly helpless. Why would I even stand up and walk home? I was useless anyway. It was in that moment Jan told me to paint.

“You always say you can’t express yourself with words, do it now with paint!
Tell yourself who you are!”

I did.

And the result left me speechless.

I thought I would create something ugly. Because that’s how I felt about myself, right? But it turned out to be one of my most precious paintings I’ve ever made.

It was beautiful.

I was beautiful.

This realisation made an enormous difference in my life. Every time I feel myself slipping back to these negative thoughts I grab my pastels and start drawing.


When can you use a reminder?

I would like to give you a reminder of how beautiful you are too. To treasure and gaze upon when you need it most.

I can do this for you intuitively, all you have to do is fill out the form with your name, a photo of yourself (optional) and the answer on the question when you need some help remembering who you are.

After I've finished the drawing I'll send you an invitation for a personal chat: to talk about you and your painting. I'll also send you a high resolution photo of the work which you can print and frame yourself. 

You don’t owe me anything all I ask is that I can put the original for sale in my webshop (which you can buy too of course!) and that I can share your landscape and story anonymously on my social media.

To inspire you, myself and many others.

There’s nothing more human than feeling vulnerable and get in touch with your own emotions